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Essence of Sri Lanka Dmc is part of the Group Essence of The world DMCs and is a full service DMC;

We offer a vast range of services from incentive programs, skillfully coordinated conferences, meetings, event management aswell as special interest tours for individuals, small groups and large groups In Sri Lanka .

Our operation could take you to every corner of Sri Lanka but also to other countries on which we operate under the name of Essence of the World DMCs with offices in : Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bali, Indonesia Myanmar, China, Hong Kong, Laos & Cambodia, Madagascar. Essence of Sri Lanka is a world class DMC. Our in depth logistical expertise offers professional, detail focused and flexible support system for your event, regardless of its size and complexity.

If you look for unique ideas and very creative programs we are the right team that you look that has the right passion to work for your clients with quality & right service.

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Sri Lanka the Pearl of the Indian Ocean is truly Paradise... Sri Lanka is a magical country - the historical sites, natural beauty, excellent food, superb wildlife and welcoming people ensure that it is by far a favourite holiday destination!

Sri Lanka is a country located almost at the southernmost tip of the Indian subcontinent. Dangling like an emerald pendant, it is a dazzlingly beautiful country blessed with an ancient history that stretches for over two thousand years.

This endows Sri Lanka with a multitude of ancient ruins, many of which today receive recognition from Unesco as World Heritage Sites. General Information’s Sri lanka Location: Southern Asia

• Time: 6

• Area of Sri Lanka: 65,610 sq km

• Sri Lankan Population: 20.2 million

• Sri Lankan Capital: Colombo • Population in Colombo: 2.4 million

• Major Sri Lankan Cities: Colombo, Kandy, Anuradhapura and Galle.

• Bordering Countries : 0 km • Sri Lankan Government: Republic • Language: Sinhala 74% (official and national), Tamil 18% (national), other 8%; English is commonly used in government and spoken competently by about 10%

• Religion: Buddhist 70%, Islam 8%, Hindu 7%, Christian 6%.

• Electricity: 230 V AC, 50 Hz

Visa Regulations Nationals from 80 countries who visit Sri Lanka for tourist purposes are exempt from visa requirements and automatically receive a free 30-day visa on arrival.

Public holidays in Sri Lanka

 •01 January - New Year's Day (only for private sector)

•04 February - National Day

•01 May - May Day/Labour Day 

•25 December -Christmas Day

Come and Visit Sri lanka

We handle : Incentives, Mettings, Conferences Cultural groups, Private villa rentals , weddings , Individual clients and much more .

Some of our DMC Creative, Innovative and Coordination services include:

Accommodation and Venue planning: A varied and wide selection of Private Hideaways, International 5-star Chain Resorts, Exclusive Villas and      boutique Hotels.

Unique incentive programmes and ideas ( that nobody did before)

VIP Express Immigration and Customs clearances arranged for Passengers and Equipment.

Exclusive Meet & Greet Arrival Airport Services including Sri lankan dancers and local Orchestra prior to Immigration formalities.

Private Police escorts and road blocks (on request)

Transfers & Transportation (Domestic - Land/Air and Sea •Transportation), Unique Transfers in Classic or conventional vehicles which can

 include Police Escorts.

Conference Assistance, Support and Logistics.

Pre- and post-Event tours to exotic Sri lanka and to the Maldives

Production/Design/Set Up and Technical Assistance.

Advice, Planning, Operation and provision of services for all Off site/Outside catering requirements, exotic Themed Parties and Banquets :On beaches, islands, jungles, special locations or Restaurants.

A Preplanning Support Service with Group co-coordinator, preparation of personal programs, brochures or photographic and video marketing

for advance information package teasers, Assistance and information on customs and immigration procedure for conferences in Sri lanka.

Planning and Operation of Tours and Outings, with a variety of Team Building and special events ideas, innovative and fun, tailor-made to

suit the group's needs.

Entertainment - Local Cultural, International and Original. •Corporate identity items such as Signage, Flags, Banners, Ice Carvings,

personal group programs, or Room gifts with corporate imaging.

Video and/or Photographic Documentation of your event or program in DVD format, as archive of the proceedings, or as gift for the participants

Unique Destination Experiences, we get you behind the scenes and into places no other visitor goes.

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Essence of Sri lanka is part of the group Essence of The world ,

When you want to build stronger relationships with a business partner, make a client feel truly special, offer an unforgettable reward to a top achiever, or give your employees the royal treatment...

What better than to bring them to unparalleled Islands of Maldives. The Maldives has a double chain of 26 atolls along the north south direction spread over 90,000 square kilometers making the country one of the world’s most dispersed countries. Chosen as one of the top destinations to travel, the Maldives is a country with 1,192 coral islands and about 100 of them developed as tourist resorts.

Essence Of Maldives programs are born out of creativity and experience and an intuitive understanding of how to make every aspect of the visit and stay   out of the ordinary. Imagine a program that takes your clients up to the remote island with a private set up cocktail and dinner is a sand bank with a sailing catamaran or yacht ,or perhaps even taken a private waterplane as a VIP transfer for your clients.

The other exclusivities on offer are royalty welcomes to your clients with the choicest of travel arrangements which include luxurious accommodation, gala theme evenings, entertaining cultural shows and nature inspired excursions. All of this combined with the way in which Essence of Maldives  DMC excels in working closely with planners ensuring minutely detailed proposals, full brochure support on hotels and sites, swift response timings and a meticulous planning of the entire program from pre departure teasers to detailed menus.

So now you know why we have been able to gladden the hearts and minds of planners and clients alike from all over the globe.

Essence of  Maldives :


This is the traditional greeting with hands joined together that awaits your clients on their arrival in this magical and mystical Island of Miracles, and the greeting that will follow them throughout in which ever part of the islands they would visit.

Essence of Maldives: Accommodation

In every incentive program, meticulous care is given for the provision of accommodation to offer the guest full value for their money. Your clients will therefore be provided with accommodation ranging from Luxurious Resorts, some of them being considered the finest in the world. 

Essence of Maldives : Escort Manager

The services of a multi-lingual Tour Manager is included in all our incentive programs from the time of arrival to departure. An ‘Escort' who knows much more than just a destination, it's history and significance - a professional armed with all the required experience to understand what the client needs and to ensure that it is provided.

Essence of Maldives : Mementos

We leave no stone unturned to ensure that your client's trip is indeed a memorable one and will provide all assistance for them to carry back with them the mememtos of their visit to this wonderful resplendent isle by gifting them with pictures of their special interest tours, or a cocktail drink on a private and exclusive island or beach overlooking the ocean, anything and everything based on the good memories they will carry on their return home.

Essence of Maldives: Events and Themes

With us your clients are assured of visits to exotic destinations, greeted with welcome ceremonies unmatched in the world, lunches and dinners rich in mouth-watering culinary and delicacies served in unparalleled settings. From royal themes to modern day fantasies, every location is set in an unique theme adding a special flavour to the event with great ideas to accommodate any special request.

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