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Essence of China /Mongolia is a agency specialized in the regions of China & Mongolia. We offer a holistic travel solution to international leisure and business markets. In operation since 2008, Essence of China /Mongolia has extensive experience in designing innovating and custom-made itineraries throughout China, & Mongolia.

Our highly trained, passionate and efficient regional teams ensure that the planning and administration of each trip is a seamless, precise and painless experience. We use the most reputable service providers, hand selected for their expertise and service oriented dispositions.

We believe that the journey is an experience in itself, and therefore we utilise outstanding coaches and airlines, ensuring thatour clients travel in comfort and style. Our dynamic guides are multilingual and able to anticipate our guests’ needs and expectations ensuring a top quality service.

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THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA is the third largest country in the world in terms of area and the largest in terms of population. Its total area is 9.6 million square kilometers and its population is 1.2 billion. China has shared borders for centuries with Korea, the formerly Soviet Union, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Burma, Laos and Vietnam


•New Year's Day: January 1

•The Spring Festival (Chinese Lunar New Year's Day between January and February: The exact date varies, depending on Chinese Lunar Calendar. Chinese New Year's Day in 2010 is on Feb. 3. The year 2011 is the Year of Rabbit in chinese zodiac system

•Labor Day: May 1

•National Day: October 1

•The working days are Monday through Friday. Official hours are from 8:00am to 17:00pm with one hour for lunch.

Language Chinese : is commonly used in the modern China. It is one of the five working languages designated by the United Nations. The majority of the 55 other ethnic groups have their own languages. There are also many dialects around the country. As a written language, Chinese has been used for 6,000 years

Visa Regulations :Visas are required for all international travelers entering Mainland China. Travelers carrying passports from Brunei, Japan and Singapore can enjoy visa-free access to China for stays of up to 15 days. Visas are readily available from Chinese embassies and consulates in many countries. A standard three-day, single-entry visa from most Chinese embassies abroad can be issued in three to five working days. Visa arrangements can also be made at certain travel agencies. Visa applications generally require at least one photo.

A 30-day visa is activated on the date you enter China and must be used within three months of the date of issue. Standard tourist visas, valid for 30-day visits, are generally easy to acquire, while visas valid for more than 30 days are often more difficult to obtain.

Please consult with your travel agent, or any PRC Embassy or Consulate for further details.

When to visit China

Choosing the best time to visit China depends on which places you wish to visit, and what type of weather you enjoy. May, September and October are the peak tourist months at China's most popular destinations when the weather is most comfortable, but prices are higher, and everywhere is more crowded. Prices drop a bit in the shoulder season, which runs from late March through April and from June through August.

The low season arrives in late November, and continues through the winter when there are fewer crowds and the prices are lower.. The period from late October to early December is the best time to see fall colors in China, as parts of the country are saturated with fall hues. Chinese New Year 2012 is January 23rd and the festival is celebrated for 15 days, with the official holiday from January 22nd to 28th.

The New Year period is the best time of the year to see cultural activities. If you choose to travel during that period, you are advised to bring along warm clothing, and depending on where you intend to travel (some areas of China are mild by day and frigid by night, while the extreme south can be South-Sea-Island warm), you may find that "layered" clothing (sweaters, jackets with removable linings, windbreakers, etc.) is the best solution.

Responsible Tourism in China : Essence of China Dmc actively promotes sustainable tourism solutions for China throughout our tours. Tourism can make a big difference to China . It can help protect the natural environment, traditions and culture- all the things that make our destination special for visitors. Tourism can help improve the well being of our people and spread benefits to those who most need it. There is opportunity for all of us to harness the power of tourism for good and improve the lives of the local communities, protect our natural resources and heritage. This is what our future tourism businesses depend on.

Essence Of China Dmc: Helps the local community in all our tours and Incentives programmes by sponsoring local villages and schools and donating items that are necessary for the community , we also regularly sponsor local Wild life protection programmes.

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We handle :

Incentives, Mettings, Conferences Cultural groups, weddings , Individual clients and much more .

Some of our DMC Creative, Innovative and Coordination services include:

•Accommodationand Venue planning: A varied and wide selection of International4 & 5-star Chain Resorts,

•Unique incentive programmes and ideas ( that nobody did before)

•VIP Express Immigration and Customs clearances arranged for Passengers and Equipment.

•Exclusive Meet & Greet Arrival Services including Chinese dancers and local Orchestra .

•Transfers & Transportation (Domestic - Land/Air and Sea

•Transportation), Unique Transfers in Classic or conventional vehicles .

•Conference Assistance, Support and Logistics.

•Pre- and post-Event tours to Hong Kong or to Mongolia.

•Production/Design/Set Up and Technical Assistance.

•Entertainment - Local Cultural, International and Original.

•Corporate identity items such as Signage, Flags, Banners, Ice Carvings, personal group programs, or Room gifts with corporate imaging.

•And much more

Contact us : Essence of China is part of the group Essence of The world Dmc With dmc offices in : China  , Hong kong , Sri lanka , Maldives , Myanmar , Japan , Bali Indonesia 

When you want to build stronger relationships with a business partner, make a client feel truly special, offer an unforgettable reward to a top achiever, or give your employees the royal treatment... What better than to bring them to unparalleled land of Confucius .

Mysticism and majesty, of history, geography and culture. China is brought alive with magic and splendour through the special incentive programs of Essence Of China Dmc . Programs born out of creativity and experience at Essence of China Dmc, and an intuitive understanding of how to make every aspect of the tour out of the ordinary.

Imagine a program that takes your clients up to the remote termple location and visit a local village to experience the real people, or a visit to the ancient world renowned and heritage sites Like the Great Wall or the Terracotta warriors', or treated to royalty in being welcomed by fireworks and majestic drums and fell like emperor In China .

The opportunities are also there to have their lunches or dinners served in very special places accompanied by the sweet sounds of orchestral music and entertaiments and unique set up. Your special events arranged in a local Chinese village where the entire village is illuminated with thousands of oil lanterns at night. To have your clients go through the process of the secrets of being treated at a Spa with an aromatic massage in pure Chinese style, giving them the experience of what it means to be treated like kings and queens.

This is only the beginning of what Essence of China DMC has to offer in terms of incentive programs The other exclusivities on offer are royalty welcomes to your clients with the choicest of travel arrangements which include luxurious accommodation, gala theme evenings, entertaining cultural shows and nature inspired excursions. All of this combined with the way in which Essence of China DMC excels in working closely with planners ensuring minutely detailed proposals, full brochure support on hotels and sites, swift response timings and a meticulous planning of the entire program from pre departure teasers to detailed menus.

So now you know why we have been able to gladden the hearts and minds of planners and clients alike from all over the globe. Essence of China Dmc :

Welcome . This is the traditional greeting that awaits your clients on their arrival in this magical and mystical part of China , and the greeting that will follow them throughout in which ever part of the journey they would visit. Essence of China & Hong Kong :

Accommodation In every Essence of China DMC incentive program, meticulous care is given for the provision of accommodation to offer the guest full value for their money. Your clients will therefore be provided with accommodation ranging from Heritage Resorts to Luxurious Resorts, some of them being considered the finest in the world . Welcomed in traditional splendour, accompanied by banners, kits and exclusively designed gifts, your clients will arrive to find that all hotel formalities have already been completed and a special desk at their service, reserved only for you.

Essence of China: Transport Only the finest of luxury air conditioned cars and coaches are used by the Essence of China DMC throughout the tours. The option is also provided for them to ride on any vehicle of their choice, be it an old car, bus, Trishaw , Harley Davidson all this can be arranged. Essence of China :

Escort Manager The services of a multi-lingual Tour Manager is included in all our incentive programs from the time of arrival to departure. An ‘Escort' who knows much more than just a destination, it's history and significance - a professional armed with all the required experience to understand what the client needs and to ensure that it is provided. Essence of China :

Mementos Essence of China Dmc, leaves no stone unturned to ensure that your client's trip is indeed a memorable one and will provide all assistance for them to carry back with them the mememtos of their visit to this wonderful resplendent isle by gifting them with pictures of their special interest tours, or a cocktail drink on a private moutain rock or wall , or the interaction visits to local villages - anything and everything based on the good memories they will carry on their return home.

Events and Themes With Essence of China, your clients are assured of great service and with a real welcome . Ceremonies that are unmatched in the world, lunches and dinners rich in mouth-watering culinary and delicacies served in unparalleled settings. From royal themes to modern day fantasies, every location is set in an unique theme adding a special flavour to the event with great ideas to accommodate any special request. Try us today and fell the difference

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When it comes to conference management, there is no magic formula. Every event is unique and so is our approach. We are able to support your organization in a number of different ways.

Among our many services, included are:

•Preparation of the master checklist : There are many steps to get the event right. We will run you through the list to make sure nothing is left out.

•Venue & Site selection : From analyzing a city or venue's capacity to hold your meeting to site inspections and venue contracting, we have the experience to know what fits you best.

•Total Logistics Management for the event : From ground transport, railways, airlines to movement of supplies and exhibition material, our team understands the complexities of total logistic management.

•Exhibitions, Audio Visual Equipment, Banners, Signage and Props : From dazzling stage design and sinages to state of the art audio-visual systems, we have a team to support your every branding related need.

•Conference Dailies, Delegate Kits : Plan it! can also assist you in printing Conference dailies and preparation of the delegate Kits.

•Secretariat Services, Business Centre : We can provide a complete in-house secretariat center during the conference as well as establish a comprehensive business center during the show.

•Preferred hotel and dining options : From hosting your event in luxury and super deluxe hotels to budget hotels, we! will help you make the right choice, every time.

•Airport and Venue Hospitality : To facilitate the delegate movemnet and to ensure the smooth management of the conference, we can set up a hospitality desk at airports, and the venue.

•Special events and companion programs : From the traditional grandeur of a royal palace, to the simplicity of an overnight in Tents or the modern elegance of a black tie dinner, We will create the most memorable events for you. Our special companion programs will ensure that they leave with nothing less that the fondest memories.

•Specialisized Support Services : We know that it takes much more than a great venue and state of the art facilities to ensure the success of your event. That's why we dedicate an experienced conference consultant to exclusively look into your needs right from the start.

•Pre and Post Event Tours : From pleasure trips to technical visits or tours on the business circuit, we are adept at organising a wide range of programs as pre and post conference tours.

•Assuring safety and security : The safety of your delegates and the venue are always important. Our team will asses every aspect of safety and security to ensure a hassle free event

•Interpretation and translation services : We have a panel of professional interpreters in all major languages to assist the international delegates.

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