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Essence of Myanmar DMC is the best choice for clients who demand outstanding service, excellent quality with unique and creative programmes to suit all tastes and budgets. Our extensive knowledge of Myanmar and other regions allows us to offer journeys that combine the most beautiful landscapes, fascinating cultural experiences and exciting sport-adventures.

Essence of Myanmar is a throughly modern company, representing the future of travel in Myanmar. Once you have experienced our combination of Western business know-how and Burmese understanding of the land and its people, we are confident you will agree that we are the best Dmc choice in Myanmar !

As you also want to work with reliable people who love what they do! The Essence of Myanmar Dmc Team will be your partner in Myanmar!


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Our experienced staff in the field of MICE have accumulated a wealth of knowledge of the destination, lodgings, activities and many other services. This invaluable source of quality information and experience will make the difference in tailoring your request, and is not something you will find elsewhere!


To devise a trip that meets with all your expectations, our professional staff will listen carefully to your request at every stage of the planning process. They offer advice and guidance to help you choose the products that will make the trip into an unforgettable experience.


Whatever your request, however complicated or demanding, our discrete and efficient staff are always on hand to ensure that by the end of your trip, the only question still on your lips is "how soon can I come back?".


Unique Destination Experiences, we get you behind the scenes and into places no other visitor goes.

Creativity and originality is our aim for all our clients.

We have Offices in : Indonesia Bali, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Madagascar, China & Mongolia ,Japan

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Myanmar The Golden land Myanmar...

is a hidden paradise in the world. We have natural scenic beauty making for landscapes that are incredibly picturesque. We have natural great lakes, vast river deltas, unspoiled beaches and Island archipelagos... snow capped mountains and deep forests with the rarest of flora and fauna. Myanmar formerly called Burma started its history around 250 BC.

According to archeological confirmations, the first kingdom of Mon Suwarnabhumi was founded around the port of Thaton approximately in 250 BC and the Mon established their civilizations in Ayeyarwady Delta and Tanintharyi in lower Myanmar. From the 1st to 9th century AD, Takaung, Beikthano, Sriksetra, and Hanlingyi cities were founded successively by Pyu along the Ayeyarwaddy valley in central Myanmar.

At 4th century , Rakhine State was founded at the west coastline of Myanmar by Rakhine tribe. There were three Myanmar Empires in the history .The First Myanmar Empire was founded by King Anawratha (1044 -1077 AD), the greatest king ever in the history, in 1044 AD by unifying all city states into a Kingdom. It was called The Great Myanmar Empire, the Bagan. The fall of Bagan Empire was about 14th century AD.

In the middle of the 16th Century The Second Myanmar Empire, the Hanthawady which was the greatest and biggest Empire within region, was established in 1551 AD by Kind Bayintnaung(1551-1581AD) and it was last till 1581. And the Third Myanmar Empire, the Konbaung , was founded by King Alaung Phaya in 1752 to 1760 AD. Started from 1825, 1852 and 1885 AD, Myanmar had three wars with British and fallen under British colony over 100 years. In 1942, Japanese ruled the country and regained its seat by help of Alliance in 1945. In 1948 January 4th, It was declared as a Independent Country to become present Myanmar.

Flora & Fauna Myanmar is rich in nature, the diversity of Flora and Fauna and it is rapidly becoming a new and exhilarating Eco-tourism destination for both Asia and the world. Myanmar is the largest peninsular country in Southeast Asia and the only country possessing snow-capped mountain. In the land area of 676552 square kilometers, forests covered almost half of the country, thus, Myanmar has been recognized as one of 25 hotspots of biodiversity.

It is also home to over 10000 species of plants, over 1,000 species of birds (representing 12% of world's total), 300 species of mammals, 360 species of reptiles and over 1000 species of butterflies. The Northeast India-Myanmar Pine Forests eco-region is one of only four tropical or subtropical conifer forest eco-regions in the Indo-Pacific region. Alpine rangeland of Madoi Madaing Razi also offers habitats for various species of flora and fauna species.

Such affluences of the biodiversity in nature present Myanmar a way for Eco-Tourism. Presently, there are 40 National Parks in the country managed by Ministry of Forestry, which includes Wildlife Sanctuaries, Bird Sanctuaries, and Protected Areas. Out of these, 14 are open to the tourists as designated Eco-Tourism Destinations offering trekking and hiking tours, bird watching tours, butterfly tours, orchid tours, elephant riding tours and other nature based interactive tours delete 


There are three distinct seasons in Myanmar with tropical climate, the summer from mid-February to Mid-May, the rainy from mid-May to mid-October and the winter from mid-October to mid-February. The average temperature in rainy season is 25 to 30 degree Celsius, 20 to 24 degree Celsius in winter and 30 to 35 degree Celsius in summer .Myanmar has less extreme weather and less natural disasters. delete 


Province and People Myanmar is a home of 135 races .The major national races are Kachin (with 12 different ethnic groups), Kayah (with 9 different ethnic groups), Karin (with 11 different ethnic groups), Chin (with 53 different ethnic group), Mon (only one ethnic group), Bamar (with 9 different ethnic groups), Rakhine (with 7 different ethnic groups) and Shan (with 33 different ethnic groups).

The estimated population is ranging from 56 to 58 millions. Myanmar is consisting of 7 states and 7 divisions: 


As Myanmar is a land of pagoda, about 90% of its population practices Theravada Buddhism. Even though it is Buddhist country, there is a complete freedom and understanding of practicing non Buddhism and there is no religious intolerance in Myanmar. About 5 % is Chrisianity, 3.5 % is Muslim, 0.5% is Hindus, 0.5 % is Animism and 0.5 % is on other faiths. delete 

Local Time Standard

Myanmar time is GMT + 6:30 Hrs delete 


There are many different ethnic groups in Myanmar, all with their own languages. The majority of people speak Myanmar language as official language. English is widely understood as the second language. Besides, there are 110 different languages among 135 tribes. Myanmar alphabet consists of 33 consonants delete 

Currency Myanmar

currency is known as the "Kyat". Denomination notes are Kyat 5000, Kyat 1000, Kyat 500, Kyat 200, Kyat 100, Kyat 50, Kyat 20, Kyat 15, Kyat 10, Kyat 5, and Kyat 1. There is also Foreign Exchange Certificate (FEC) used as US Dollar: 20 units, 10 units, 5 units, 1 unit. Travelers Checks and Credit Cards are not serviceable in Myanmar.

However some major hotels, souvenir shops, restaurants only in Yangon accept credit cards. Therefore, we recommend to bring sufficient amount of cash (U$$ is preferred throughout the country) while visiting Myanmar.


220-240V, 50 Hz delete 12 Communication Myanmar International postal code is 95. Phone booths are available at bus stops to shopping malls. Local call can be made very easy at low cost, but international call is a bit higher. There is no roaming facility yet for who wish to use international roaming service. Internet cafés are available in every street but there will be no access for free email like Yahoo or Hotmail etc. POP3 and IMTP emails are not configurable in Myanmar e 


Visa: All foreigners entering Myanmar must have a valid visa issued by the Myanmar Embassies and consulates abroad. All tourist visas are valid for 28 days with an option for extension. Visa application: tourists are required to apply the their visa in their countries, applied for these countries: Australia Bangladesh Belgium Brazi Brunei Cambodia Canada China Egypt France Germany India Indonesia Israel Italy Japan Korea Laos Malaysia Nepa Pakistan Philippines Saudi Arabia Singapore Sri Lanka South Africa Thailand Russia United Kingdom United States Vietnam Visa on Arrival: applied only for citizens of the countries where there is no embassy of Myanmar.

To download the Visa Application kindly contact us or the nearest embassy in your country . Important note Besides, you have to provide some other information include: Your international arrival and departure flights, hotels lists or holiday confirmation from a travel agency in Myanmar.

We handle : Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events, Group tours, Individual clients, Weddings, and more.

Let us be your Inspiration in Myanmar! .

Some of our Creative, Innovative and Coordinating services include:

•Accommodation and Venue planning: A varied and wide selection of Private Hideaways, International 4 and 5-star hotels, and Boutique Hotels.

•Unique incentive programmes and ideas (that nobody did before)

•Immigration and Customs assistance arranged for Passengers and Equipment.

•Exclusive Meet & Greet Arrival Airport Services

•Welcome by Burmese dancers or local welcome orchestra.

•Transfers & Transportation (Domestic - Land/Air and Sea-transportation), Unique Transfers in Classic or conventional vehicles.

•Conference Assistance, Support and Logistics.

•Pre- and post-Event tours to Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodja or Bali.

•Production/Design/Set Up and Technical Assistance.

•Advice, Planning, Operation and provision of services for all Off site/Outside catering requirements, exotic Themed Parties and Banquets : on river banks, jungle, special locations or Restaurants.

•Planning and Operation of Tours and Outings, with a variety of Team Building and special events ideas, innovative and fun, tailor-made to suit the group's needs.

•Entertainment - Local, Cultural, International and Original. •Corporate identity items such as Signage, Flags, Banners, Ice Carvings, personal group programs, or Room gifts with corporate imaging and more.

•Video and/or Photographic Documentation of your event or program in DVD format, as archive of the proceedings, or as gift for the participants.

•Unique Destination Experiences, we get you behind the scenes and into places no other visitor goes.

ESSENCE OF MYANMAR DMC: Is part of Essence of The World dmc's with offices in Sri Lanka , Maldives, Bali Iindonesia, Madagascar, China & Mongolia, japan .

Let us be your Dmc in Myanmar!

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When you want to build stronger relationships with a business partner, make a client feel truly special, offer an unforgettable reward to a top-achiever, or give your employees the royal treatment…

What better than to bring them to unparalleled land of Myanmar, the land of mysticism and majesty, of history, geography and culture. Myanmar brought alive with magic and splendour through the special incentive programs of Essence Of Myanmar Dmc.

Programs born out of creativity and experience at Essence of Myanmar Dmc, and an intuitive understanding of how to make every aspect of the tour out of the ordinary. Imagine a program that takes your client with Old Cars up to a remote rice field to do creative rice planting, or visit an ancient and well-known protected temple with the sound of beating drums.

Having lunch in our special places overlooking some majestic temples. Where thousands of oil lanterns light up your event at night on a local river sand bank . Where the secrets of Myanmar are revealed to you with a program which finally reveals you a total different destination (The land of the Gold).

And that’s only the beginning of all that Essence of Myanmar Dmc has to offer in terms of incentive programs. Other exclusives include special welcomes for your clients, the choice of travel arrangements, luxurious accommodation, gala theme evenings, entertaining cultural shows and natural-inspiring excursions. Combine this with the way in which Essence of Myanmar Dmc excels in working closely with planners, ensuring minutely detailed proposals, swift response time, and meticulous planning of everything from pre-departure teasers to detailed menus, and you know why we have gladdened the hearts and minds of planners and clients alike from all over the globe.

Essence of Myanmar Dmc : we are your Inspiration to Myanmar.

And that’s how Essence of Myanmar treats every guest, starting with a special welcome on their first arrival that brings to life this mystical and magical Land of Myanmar. A welcome that follows them to every place they go and at every hotel they check-in to. Specially prepared information kits and unique welcome pillow gifts are just a few other ways to get their journey off to a special start.


In every Essence of Myanmar incentive program, accommodation is planned to be the best that your money can buy. So your client could be staying at an old colonial hotel or in a magnificent resort. Welcomed in traditional splendour, accompanied by banners, kits and exclusively designed gifts, your client will arrive to find all hotel formalities completed, and a special desk at their service for you only .


At Essence Of Myanmar Dmc , we use only the finest air-conditioned cars and coaches throughout our tours. Name the vehicle you want your client to ride, and it will be ready at the doorstep like : Old Cars, Old busses or simply a nice transfer with a local scooter. You name it.

Escorts managers

All our incentive programs include the services of an experienced multi-lingual incentive tour manager from arrival till departure. An escort who knows much more than just the destination, its history and significance. A professional armed with all the experience needed to understand what the client needs and how to ensure it.


Essence of Myanmar Dmc, goes to great lengths to ensure that your client’s trip is memorable in more ways than one. From gifting commemorative pictures of guests, to planning special interest tours such as a cocktail drink on a private and exclusive place or even organising handicraft demonstrations or local village interaction visits. everything is based on good memories that we will give you.

Events and Themes :

At Essence of Myanmar, we rejoice in giving your guests a true taste of the exotic places they are visiting. We greet them with welcome ceremonies they cannot experience anywhere else in the world. We treat them to lunches and dinners, rich in mouth-watering culinary delicacies served in unparalleled settings. From royal themes to modern day fantasies, every location is set in a unique theme adding a special flavour to the event with great ideas for any request.

Essence of Myanmar Dmc : Think green ( responsable tourism)

We strongly believe that local people and the nature must be preserved at all times and therefore we work together with the local community to ensure that the local people will benefit from it. Local schools are helped, local nature preservation projects are ensured of our assistance during our incentives so that the future generation will be able to have a green Myanmar with responsable Incentives .

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( Details create Excellence)

When it comes to conference management, there is no magic formula. Every event is unique and so is our approach.

We are able to support your organization in a number of different ways. Among our many services, included are:

•Preparation of the master checklist : there are many steps to get the event right. We will run you through the list to make sure nothing is left out.

•Venue & Site selection : from analyzing a city or venue's capacity to hold your meeting to site inspections and venue contracting, we have the experience to know what fits you best.

•Total Logistics Management for the event : from ground transport, railways, airlines, to movement of supplies and exhibition material, our team understands the complexities of total logistic management.

•Exhibitions, Audio Visual Equipment, Banners, Signage and Props : From dazzling stage design and signages to state of the art audio-visual systems, we have a team to support your every branding related need.

•Conference Dailies, Delegate Kits : we can also assist you in printing Conference dailies and preparation of the delegate kits.

•Secretariat Services, Business Centre : we can provide a complete in-house secretariat center during the conference as well as establish a comprehensive business center during the show.

•Preferred hotel and dining options : from hosting your event in luxury hotels to budget hotels, we will help you make the right choice.

•Airport and Venue Hospitality : to facilitate the delegate movement and to ensure the smooth management of the conference, we can set up a hospitality desk at airports, and the venue.

•Special events and companion programs : from the traditional grandeur of a palace, to the simplicity of a Burmese village or the modern elegance of a black tie dinner, we will create the most memorable events for you. Our special companion programs will ensure that they leave with nothing less than the fondest memories.

•Specialisized Support Services : we know that it takes much more than a great venue and state of the art facilities to ensure the success of your event. That's why we dedicate an experienced conference consultant to exclusively look into your needs right from the start.

•Pre and Post Event Tours : from pleasure trips to technical visits or tours on the business circuit, we are adept at organising a wide range of programs as pre- and post-conference tours.

•Assuring safety and security : the safety of your delegates and the venue are always important. Our team will assess every aspect of safety and security to ensure a hassle-free event

•Interpretation and translation services : we have a panel of professional interpreters in all major languages to assist the international delegates.

•We give you ideas (how to greening your event) What a better place than to have your meeting or conference than in Myanmar.

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