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• Country name: Mongolia (Local short form: Mongol Ulus, formerly known as Mongolian Peoples Republic and until 1924 was called Outer Mongolia).

• Capital: Ulaanbaatar (means Red Hero), population 904,000 people (2006). Situated on the Tuul River. From 1639-1706 was known as Urga or Da Khuree.

• Size: 604,826 square miles (1,566,00 square km)

• Area comparison: Four times the size of U.K., Three times the size of France, or about the size of western Europe. Mongolia is the world’s largest landlocked nation and is the 18th largest country in the world.

• Location: Northern Asia, situated between the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation.

• Population: 2.8 million (2010) More than half the population is under age 30.

• Population Density: 4.7 persons per square mile (1.7 persons per square km) Approximately 65% of Mongolians live in urban centers, 35% are pastoral nomads.

• Languages: Khalkh Mongolian (90%), Turkic, Russian. Cyrillic script is used in writing.

• Literacy Rate: 98.4% • Religions: Mahayana Tibetan Buddhism (96%), Shamanism,

• Government: Parliamentary Democracy

• Mongolia has 21 Aimags (provinces) which are divided into 343 Sums (districts) and smaller sub-districts known as Baags.

• Climate: Extreme Continental (large daily and seasonal temperature changes)

• Summer averages +68F degrees. Winter averages ­13F degrees. Winter season runs from October till April. Annually Mongolia has more than 260 sunny days on average.

• Average Elevation: More than 5,180 feet (1,580 meters) Average altitude in Mongolia is one mile above sea level.

• Major Rivers & Lakes: The Orkhon River is the longest river in Mongolia at 698 miles (1124 km). Lake Hovsgol Nuur is Mongolia’s largest lake and holds 2% of the world’s freshwater supply.

• Terrain: Desert steppe, Desert plains, Grassy steppe terrain is found in most parts of Eastern Mongolia, Mountainous zone covers 5% of Mongolia’s territory, Mountain forest, Taiga forest region in the north is 5% of Mongolia’s total landmass.

• The Gobi Desert is the world’s northernmost desert and has a mostly gravel surface with low-lying rocky hills. One of the earth’s great deserts it ranges through most of southern Mongolia and comprises 17% of Mongolia’s total landmass. Annually desertification in the Gobi Desert area is increasing due to overgrazing primarily.

• Mountain Ranges: Altai Nuruu Mountains ranging northwest to southeast, Khentii Nuruu Mountains in the northeast and Khangai Nuruu Mountains in Central Mongolia.

• Highest peak: Khuiten Peak14,350 feet (4374 meters) in the Altai Tavanbogd Uuul range.

• Currency: Tögrög (Tughruk), U.S. $1 = Tg1165 (January, 2007)

• Main Exports: Copper, Textiles, Cashmere and cashmere products, Fluorspar, Wool, Livestock and livestock products Mongolia Geography and Nature

Location Mongolia is a land-locked country in the North-East Asia bordering China with 4.673 km in the south and Russian Federation with 3485 km in the north. The total territory of the country is 1.566 million square kilometers making approximately 1 square kilometers per 1.6 persons and 18th largest country in the world.

The territory of Mongolia is larger than territories of Great Britain, Germany France & Italy together. Geography: Mongolia encompasses a wide range of terrain, with mountains, grassy steppes, and vast flat desert. Most of the north and west of the country is mountainous or hilly grasslands; the Gobi Desert takes up most of the south and the east.

The country is land-locked, and although there are lakes and streams in certain areas, the combination of the terrain and low water supply means that a very small percent of the land is arable. Climate: Average summer temperature +20'C, average winter temperature -26'C, average rainfall 200-220 mm. Winter lasts from November to late April, Spring from May through June, Summer from July through September.

Wildlife Mongolia has 136 mammal species, almost 400 different types of birds and 76 species of fish.

Internet & Email Ulaanbaatar has dozens of Internet cafés where you can surf the Web and access email accounts. Many province centers have Internet access at their

Visa arrangements:

Every foreign citizen traveling to Mongolia must be in possession of a passport valid at least for 6 months from date of entry into Mongolia. Most foreign citizens need a Mongolian visa to enter the country.

Thirty-day tourist visas can be obtained at the Mongolian Diplomatic Missions abroad. For all information related to consular matters (e.g.: visas, etc.), please contact in person by telephone or e-mail the nearest diplomatic or consular mission of Mongolia. Health Vaccinations against yellow fever (Hepatitis), polio, cholera, typhoid fever are advised. Travellers should bring their own medical supplies for any personal needs and a basic medical kit. You should think that there is no perfect medical care in the countryside. While the potential dangers can seem quite frightening, in reality few travelers to Mongolia experience anything more than an upset stomach. Clothes There are no special dress codes, though you should avoid wearing revealing clothes in the countryside, even on hot summer days. In Ulaanbaatar on the other hand, Mongolian women dress in contemporary Western style fashions, so you may dress quite freely whilst there. Warm clothes will be needed for any time of the year: even summer evenings can be chilly. If you are only traveling in the height of summer you don't need a down jacket - a rain shell will do. A long-sleeved shirt is useful against the sun and bugs.

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Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) Mongolia with its stable politics, rapid growing economics and its richness in culture and history together with its beautiful landscape and smiling Mongolian people always promises all international MICE clients unforgettable experiences andevents.

We have the pleasure to offer end-to-end travel services for groups traveling to all destinations in Mongolia for corporate meetings, conferences, exhibitions, team-building off-sites, or for some well deserved incentives.

• Visa Support services for event participants.

• Meet & Great / Transfers:

• We provide the finest transfer service by offering a wide choice of transportation from: cars, vans, buses to luxury Limousine pickup with highly skilled service professionals.

• Accommodation:

• Hotel selection, reservation, fast check-in for the participants.

• We have contract with many hotels and tourist Ger camps. That make us can propose you the most appropriate accommodation at competitive rates.

• Conference Hall and meeting rooms selection & preparations for the event, installation of necessary equipment.

• Restaurants: We have cooperate with many good restaurants in Mongolia.

• Restaurant seats: 40-1000 (vip room, special hall and banquet etc)

• With our experience and knowledge of meeting venues in Mongolia, we will identify and propose the most appropriate venue for your meeting / event, in hotels, resorts or outside.

• Registration • We can handle registration of your clients to the conventions, seminars…

• Printed Materials and Signage

• We can provide all printed material your clients may need for their event or exhibition area, such as event program, menus, brochures, event signage, etc. • Technical Support • We can arrange for all technical and audio-visual equipment required for the meeting / event

• Daily Tours / Activities

• We offer a wide choice of daily tours in Mongolia in all destinations with interesting activities

• Special Gala Events

• For Mongolia corporate incentive travel programs, we can design and execute special gala events with specific themes to meet your taste.

• Mongolia Entertainment - Cultural Show:

• Experienced guides for MICE groups

• Private tour guide services

• Hostess Services: • Meet and great at arrivals of groups/individuals

• Escorting of groups for gala dinners and other events

• Information desk/registration services Other Services: Excursions and leisure activities organization, concert program creation; Preparation of memorabilia for participants, branding souvenir and handouts.

Just give us your detailed information and we will take care of everything else.

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